Stop Motion Magazine 2020 – Sponsorship Campaign

by John Ikuma

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John Ikuma

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Campaign Story

Stop Motion Magazine has been publishing both in print and in digital format focused on the art of stop motion animation since 2019. We now celebrate 10 years of publishing and want to give back to the community and the world by providing our magazine for free for everyone!

But we can’t do this without the help of sponsors.

What does this mean?

For 10 years the magazine has been mostly self funded with a handful of very cool and awesome advertisers who help take the burden off the publisher in providing a small amount of funding for our unique content on this specialized art form. Our readers have been equally amazing in paying a subscription fee each year or buying individual issues along with backing our periodic fundraising campaigns.

We want to first give back to those supporters and fans that have believed in us for the past 10 years by giving them all year of Stop Motion Magazine free in digital format. This is a quarterly release of the magazine which covers animation projects big and small, reviews of products, interviews, and tutorials all focused on the art of stop motion animation.

We are different, we represent the art form and we actually do animation! 

Because there is so much competition in the animation publication world this little art form that is loved by millions of people is barely covered by animation magazines and blogs. Why? There are literally hundreds of new projects released each month and millions of people making stop motion in their private time at home. So why is it so misrepresented in the media? We think the short answer is that the other publications are not run by animators. They are run by fans of the animation that could care less about building models, pushing puppets, or sculpting clay. This is different with us… We are animators in stop motion… We care… We want to promote the art form and keep it exciting and relevant.

Not everyone can afford us… We want to change that. 

Another problem is the fact that many people around the world cannot afford a pricey magazine dedicated to an art form that they love. For us this is absolutely horrible to imagine. Though this isn’t the majority of our readers it is still a problem for us and we need help in solving this area of concern. Our philosophy is that by educating others we not only spread the art form but also elevate those individuals to better enrich everyones lives by providing them with the know-how in creating art. It’s a simple concept and over the past 10 years we’ve seen this result with many artists who now either work professionally in the field or who make internationally acclaimed stop motion films. We helped with this and it makes us proud. We want to keep helping but we need your support.

Who are the readers of the Magazine? 

Currently, we have 15,000 readers world wide. We project that we will have 20,000 readers by January 2020. It is our goal to double and even triple this number in 2020. From our data we have determined that the majority of our readers are 68.4% Men between the age of 18 and 40. Our female readers make up about 31.6% of our readership within that same age range. With both groups interested in model building, molding and casting, small scale metal working, animation and production softwares, 3D printing, photography and lighting, along with all sorts of material interests for arts and crafts.

Where are our readers located?

The majority of our readers are located in the United States of America and Canada. Though we have a major international presence in nearly every country around the world. We have readers in the Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Africa, Central America, and South America. This audience is growing super fast and we want to be able to provide those regions and in North America with options for tools, supplies, materials, and building techniques that can further the art form all over the world. So it is a really good opportunity for those companies that have an interest in reach model building enthusiasts both in North America and internationally.

How can you help?

We first of all thank you for considering this. We would love to have you as a sponsor. You can do this in many ways. The most obvious is to just donate to our magazine. Any amount is welcome. The other option is to purchase one of our products such as the 10 year collection of our magazine or a copy of the Resource Manual for Molding and Casting, or you can get a Stop Motion University course credit which you can use now or at a future date!!! We will not only make Stop Motion Magazine free in 2020 with your contribution but we will also give you a place of honor on our sponsors page.

So what do we need?

Well, we are looking for sponsors of all sizes from fans to corporations willing to throw us a buck so we can keep production running for the year 2020 and make sure that our staff is paid and the lights stay on. We also need to build our content and grow our following and all of this costs money. We have 3 goals throughout 2020 and the first one we need to meet by January 1st 2020. This is to raise a minimum of $10,000 usd from fan and reader sponsorship for the 1st quarter of 2020. If we can meet this minimum goal we will be able to produce Stop Motion Magazine for free for 6 months in that same year. This is literally operating a publication on a shoe string budget but we can make this happen if we meet that minimum goal.

Where will this funding go?

First of all this funding goes back into the publication by helping to pay our small staff of 3 persons to write, edit, design, teach, produce, and promote stop motion animation through the magazine. It will go to pay electrical bills, supplement rent for a new office that we desperately need, provide capital for out reach to communities of people through events and seminars. Basically, it will go to the production of Stop Motion Magazine and all the productions related to and tied to the publication. It takes both time and effort to research and build articles for this publication and we definitely need the financial support to keep going.

If we can pass are funding goal then we can bring on new staff members and writers which will allow us to produce even more content and improve the overall design and exposure of the magazine. This will result in an even larger number of readers and a bigger animation community outreach. Very beneficial for everyone involved in the sponsorship program.

We also have back orders that need to be fulfilled before the end of the year and funding will help us to expedite the completion of these orders so when we go into the new year we will have a clean slate to build upon for future special production campaigns that we like to offer. These campaigns will offer special promotional items that are unique and useful to stop motion animation. Items like print issues, t-shirts, and puppet parts have all been offered in the past. We still have a few open orders that we want to fulfill and then we can plan for more of these offers in the future. Sponsoring us will help us to expedite and speed up this process.






Thank you e-Certificate! We will send you an official e-certificate thanking you for donating and supporting us and our cause.

January, 2020

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Sponsor Credit on Website. Can be in your name or your companies name. Plus Thank you e-Certificate.

January, 2020

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10 Year Anniversary Digital Collection - Special Thanks Credit on Donors Page of Website. Can be in your name or your companies name. Plus Thank You e-Certificate.

January, 2020

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Resource Manual: Molding and Casting (digital version)

January, 2020

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10 Year Anniversary and Resource Manual

January, 2020

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