Hello Customer,

As with anything there are often questions or problems you may have with regards to either your account or the StopMoShop website. Here is a list of the most common questions and their answers. Please look through the questions before emailing us if you are having any problems.

Question: I can’t log into my account. How do I gain access?

Answer: If you cannot access your account you may be locked out. There is a maximum log-in failure setting which once you’ve reached the maximum failed log-in attempts you are then locked out temporarily. You can wait a couple of hours and your account will automatically unlock. Also, if you speed through the order process and didn’t create or use your account (this shouldn’t happen but does sometimes) chances are your account and orders are under an assigned guest account. Please email or use the contact page to have us assign the orders and account to the proper email address. 

Question: How do I get my digital download content?

Answer: You must log into your account and go to the download section of the account to download your content. It is not emailed to you…

Question: There is nothing in my downloads section after purchase. Where is my stuff?

Answer: Either one of three things happened.

     1)You either made a purchase of the items as a guest (which shouldn’t be possible but sometimes happens between site updates). You need to email the web admin with a receipt to editor(at)stopmotionmagazine(dot)com. 

     2)You purchased an item that is not published yet such as pre-order and your account will be updated once it has been published. 

     3)You purchased a subscription that updates every three months. You can wait until the release date or  your account may need reset manually. Contact the site admin through the contact form or email at editor(at)StopMotionMagazine(dot)com.

Question: My iPad doesn’t download the files… Why?

Answer: Apple iOS for iPad has some problems with Zip files. Some iOS work and some don’t. You may need to download a zip extractor to unzip the files. You can also contact us and we can send you an alternative link to unzipped files. 

Question: PayPal is not working OR I am in a foreign country and PayPal is not accepting my order… What do I do? 

Answer: Most of the time the problem is due to a needed update on our website due to a PayPal update. The reason you are unable to complete the transaction is purely to insure the safety of your information. In those rare cases where a person in a specific country is unable to complete the transaction it is most llikely due to either a blocked transaction due to country of origin which is usually set by PayPal (This is extremely frustrating and PayPal changes their settings and policies constantly) or your foreign credit card for some reason is not being processed by PayPal USA. The solution in all cases is to make sure you are signed into your PayPal account and to do all transactions through your account and not run the credit cards through our PayPal system. 

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